gurucamik here…!!!!

in this site i will write all about my experience since i’ve been a teacher for a high school in my town_ this will be so interesting atleast for me,.
coz i am still a student for an university, and this is my first experince to teach a studeent formaly in a school,.
please wait for my next story…

and for all teachers who has a same or an interesting story about teacing please join with me_ dalam bahasa Indonesia atau bahasa sunda pun mangga…!!! :))
-regards : guruciamik

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One Response to gurucamik here…!!!!

  1. ayyii says:

    wuah~~ semangat yia….!!!
    guru” sekarang emang ciamik lah,,
    jadi guru justru malah harus makin lebih bnyak belajar agi.. kekeke~~~

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